Modular Education

Modular Education is the future of small business education and success planning.  It is our mission that this brand new future in small business owner education, become the standard by which all business owners are measured.

We believe so strongly in what we have created and who we have created it for (you, the small business owner), that we want it to become the first tool in your entrepreneurs tool kit and show investors you're serious about being the next big success.

By creating a complete and systemised approach to business and marketing, we understand that your future (and your businesses future), are now in your hands and the odds of it becoming just another statistic, is flipped on it's head.

Modules range from Initial Business Planning (from our Business Growth Series) to Time Management (Personal Growth), with the largest number of units among Marketing Growth Modules (such as 'Marketing 101 for Beginners' and 'SEO Strategies'), because a business without a profit, is not going to be a business for long.

Prices begin at $89* per month (after successful business grant funding approval).

Click here to find out more about the funding application process.

If you would like to know more about modular education for small businesses, or apply directly for a consultation, please phone Ross on 0407 565 768.