Small Business Mentoring and Coaching

If you are looking for expert small business assistance, Mentoring and Coaching are the perfect solutions.

Mentoring and Coaching differ in their delivery style, contact frequency and purpose.

A mentor catches up with you monthly as needed, to discuss your personal challenges and offers ideas based on their own experiences as a business owner, to overcome the challenges you bring to those sessions.  Mentoring carries a fee of $330 per month.

If rapid results and business growth is what you seek, you are in urgent need of a business coach.  Meeting with you online or in person on a weekly basis, your coach will help you plan and execute your goals.  They will demand more of you than you may be used to asking of yourself.  Yes, that may seem confronting, but if you want a different result you need to take different actions.

If you are serious about business, we are serious about results.  Small Business Coaching is an incredible investment at only $1100 per month and one of the most affordable one-on-one programs available anywhere.

For more information or a 15 minute free consultation, please call Ross on 0407 565 768.